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VectaStar platform introduction

VectaStar is the market-leading licensed point-to-multipoint microwave platform. Deployed in over 50 countries, VectaStar is proven across the globe for backhaul, small cell backhaul, enterprise access and ISP networks.

Offering up to 1.2Gbps to a site, up to 28km range and cost savings of up to 50% - the VectaStar platform offers a leading business case for operators to transform capacity and profitability.

With a 15 year track record of successful references, including for seven of the world’s largest operators, VectaStar provides a level of innovation and field-proven quality unmatched by other vendors.

VectaStar platform highlights

The VectaStar suite of products is made up from the VectaStar 26GHz Flex, VectaStar 10.5GHz, VectaStar 28GHz and VectaStar Radio Controller products.

The product portfolio share the same market leading technology which is summarised in the following table.




Compared to fibre and PTP, PMP delivers up to:

  • 50 per cent CAPEX savings
  • 50 per cent OPEX savings
  • 50 per cent TCO savings.
  • Create a leading business case to invest in new and upgraded networks
  • Accelerate return on investment when connecting new sites
  • Maintain revenues across the network lifecycle.

Deployment and scalability

  • Sector coverage
  • Almost half the radios compared to point-to-point
  • Unique zero indoor footprint covering both access points and remote terminals.
  • Deploy networks in almost half the time of PTP
  • Achieve a fast time to market
  • No indoor hub equipment enables quick deployment
  • Connect new sites quickly by a single installation team, without a visit to the hub site or the need of additional spectrum
  • Reduce network power consumption and environmental impact.


  • 1.2Gbps per sector and per link, up to 14.4Gbps per hub site
  • Software defined capacity provisioning.
  • Deploy capacity which can handle the most data dominated networks with headroom to scale for future requirements
  • Create custom Quality of Service profiles for each site. This provides the ability to define tiered services for enterprise access customers, including dedicated bandwidth.

Latency and synchronisation

  • <1ms round-trip latency
  • SyncE 1588.
  • Critical for LTE services.


  • 40W typical.

Quality of Service (QoS)

  • Utilises licensed spectrum.
  • Provide guaranteed QoS to users and carrier grade services to enterprises
  • Supports eight levels of QoS.


  • 10.5GHz: up to 28.6km at 99.99% (typical)
  • 26-28GHz: up to 5.8km at 99.99% (typical)
  • 31GHz: up to 6.4km at 99.99% (typical)
  • 39GHz: up to 4.8km at 99.99% (typical)
  • Deploy a variety of flexible network solutions, ranging from targeted high capacity to wide area coverage.

Spectral efficiency

  • Remotely manage equipment and services via a simple web interface.

Network lifecycle software

  • VectaStar Network Management System
  • VectaStar Lifecycle Tool - combines traditional RF planning, real time NMS data and Google Maps to plan, audit and optimise networks.
  • Deploy networks faster and maintain optimum performance
  • Perform accurate auditing
  • Continuously optimise and increase profitability.

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