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Enterprise access

High capacity connectivity is the lifeblood of modern enterprises who require secure carrier-class services 24/7.

For the service providers who offer this connectivity, the demands are high.

Operators require cost effective solutions to deliver tiered throughput levels and guaranteed quality of service – often under very short timeframes.

It’s essential that this network infrastructure provides quick connectivity and crucially creates a rapid return on investment for the operator.

Through aggregating bandwidth across all sites, VectaStar allows operators to deliver high speed enterprise access networks with a quick return on investment.


Service providers utilise CBNG solutions to provide connectivity for:

Small, medium and large corporates

  • Enabling quick connection to business critical activities, such as security, multi-site connectivity and high speed cloud services.

Utility companies

  • Enabling cost effective, fast and secure data transfer between sites - key to overcoming distance barriers and creating high performing organisations.


  • Enabling flexible and reliable connection of essential services - from secure multi-site connectivity, to smart city applications.

The wideband PMP approach

The choice of infrastructure for enterprise access covers wired and wireless technologies, however not all offer the optimum price/performance ratio to build the most attractive business case.

Despite the capacity offered by fibre and some point-to-point microwave solutions, neither provide the quick deployment and low cost required to make an attractive business case.

The evolution of PMP microwave - with capacity now rivalling its PTP counterparts, feature rich functionality and unparalleled cost savings - has led to the technology being the solution of choice by the world’s leading service providers.

Leading the way is VectaStar – the market’s leading wideband PMP solution which serves 1000’s of businesses across the globe.

The VectaStar solution

Connect new enterprises quickly

  • Quick to deploy - almost half the radios compared to point-to-point
  •  Easy to deploy and align - intelligent form factor and new smartphone App simplifies and speeds up installation and alignment
  • Quick to grow - sector coverage enables new enterprise sites to be connected quickly by a single installation team, without a visit to the access point or the need of additional spectrum.

Create a rapid return on investment

  • Significant CAPEX savings over fibre and point-to-point backhaul strategies
  • Create a fast-time-to-revenue by utilising CBNG’s pay as you grow pricing model
  • Save significant OPEX when customers leave or move – simply redeploy and connect the customer premises equipment to a new site within the sector. There is no need to visit or change any equipment at the hub site.
  • Independently proven to deliver total cost of ownership savings of up to 50% over competing technology.

24/7 capacity, security and reliability

  • High capacity: supporting up to 600Mb/s per link and up to 14.4Gb/s per hub site
  • Highly secure proprietary radio interface
  • Future proof and guaranteed quality of service compared to non line of sight technologies.

Custom quality of service profiles

  • Intelligent network management software enables service providers to create custom quality of service profiles for each customer site (from 1Mb/s - 600Mb/s). This includes dedicated bandwidth to selected sites.

Identify new revenue opportunities

VectaStar’s unique optimisation software enables easy identification of spare capacity – highlighting where more customers can be supported new revenue opportunities exist.