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Network planning and design

Our in-house design team provides customers with RF planning and network design using CBNG developed and commercial tools.

Network planning web

Our RF planning service uses simulation-based software for dimensioning and planning VectaStar microwave using customer-provided site locations, along with capacity, availability and quality of service requirements.

Using this data, plans are produced which identify hub locations (taking into account any preferred locations), connectivity to remote terminals, along with modulation attained for the required availability at each remote terminal.

If spectrum has been assigned, the channels and polarisations to be used on each sector are identified; otherwise CBNG will advise on the total spectrum required.

Designed to extract the peak performance from VectaStar, CBNG RF planning tools incorporate the latest ITU guidelines and specifications required for the design of VectaStar networks.

The service can help transmission network planners design ‘green field’ multipoint networks, model business case scenarios, plan system expansions, re-engineer networks, or assist with network optimisation.