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Mobile Backhaul

Mobile networks are being stretched by the unprecedented data demand from smartphones, tablets and a range of new connected devices. And it’s a global phenomenon.

Quick deployment, high capacity and guaranteed quality of service are essential backhaul characteristics to support operators in satisfying customer expectations and fending off the competition.

However CAPEX and OPEX constraints mean costs must be kept low to build successful business cases, maintaining profitability and offsetting declining voice revenues.

Scenario 1: Mobile backhaul

Mobile backhaul
VectaStar creates a sector of coverage from a single access point which backhauls a number of remote terminals co-located at multiple 2G/3G/LTE sites.


Scenario 2: Introducing enterprise access to mobile backhaul

Scenario 2: Introducing enterprise access to mobile backhaul
Deploy additional enterprise access services within a mobile backhaul sector, offering tiered network capabilities and dedicated bandwidth to selected sites.

Enterprise access services represent a significant revenue opportunity for operators to grow profits beyond their mobile customer base.

Traditionally served via costly independent networks, VectaStar enables enterprise and mobile services to be converged and offered within a single PMP sector - saving costs, time and resources.

A range of custom quality of service profiles can be created for each service via VectaStar’s intelligent network software, enabling dedicated bandwidth for each customer site and ensuring high-capacity 3G/4G mobile services are maintained.

Network utilisation and profitability can be maximised further via CBNG’s professional services and network management software. VectaStar enables operators to easily monitor performance and identify where spare network capacity can be utilised by deploying additional enterprise services.

The wideband PMP approach

Fibre and point-to-point (PTP) microwave no longer provide a universal solution for backhaul.

Traditional techniques such as these don’t offer the optimum balance of cost and performance to make an attractive business case and can be slow and cumbersome to deploy.

Maximising innovative and highly efficient backhaul technology is essential to quickly deploy and scale sustainable next generation networks.

This has led to the rapid growth of advanced wideband PMP microwave to be used as a dedicated backhaul network or in combination with fibre and PTP.

Leading the evolution has been VectaStar – the market leading the most technologically advanced wideband PMP solution available. 

The VectaStar solution

LTE proven capacity and performance

  • 600Mb/s per link and up to 14.4Gb/s per hub site
  • Low latency - sub 1ms round-trip 
  • Guaranteed quality of service compared to non line of sight technologies.

Rapid backhaul coverage

  • Quick to deploy - almost half the radios compared to point-to-point
  • Easy to deploy and align - intelligent form factor and new smartphone App simplifies installation and alignment.

Low total cost of ownership

  • Significant CAPEX savings over fibre and point-to-point backhaul strategies
  • Independently proven to deliver total cost of ownership savings of up to 50% over other forms of microwave backhaul.

Scale networks quickly and cost effectively 

  • Sector coverage enables new base stations to be connected quickly by a single installation team, without a visit to the access point or the need of additional spectrum.

New all-IP networks - 3G, HSPA+, LTE

  • Build carrier-grade all-IP networks quickly, cost effectively and with the performance to scale to meet future demands.

Greenfield or network upgrade

  • Build highly efficient greenfield backhaul networks, or utilise VectaStar’s interoperability with the most widely used PTP solutions to cost effectively upgrade and expand legacy networks.

2G - 3G IP backhaul migration

  • VectaStar supports TDM, all-IP, hybrid backhaul and all forms of network synchronisation to enable a simple and low risk backhaul migration.

Industry proven 

  • The market leading multipoint microwave product, deployed by over 70 leading operators across over 40 countries for 3G, LTE, Wi-Fi mobile backhaul.