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123Net expands access to high-speed fixed wireless connectivity in Detroit with CBNL

22 January 2016

123Net expands access to high-speed fixed wireless connectivity in Detroit with CBNL

- Detroit businesses offered cost-effective and quick installation of high-speed fixed wireless through 123Net’s pioneering licensed point-to-multipoint network

CBNL has announced that 123Net, one of Michigan’s largest telecommunications and internet service providers, is using CBNL’s VectaStar solution to offer carrier-grade connectivity in Detroit.

As a result, Detroit businesses can expand quickly and cost-effectively their network capacity and reach.

123Net is the first service provider in Detroit to deploy CBNL’s market-leading VectaStar® licensed PMP technology, which offers their business customers up to 250Mb/s of carrier-grade bandwidth that can be up and running within days for many sites.

The network utilizes licensed 28GHz LMDS spectrum that enables 123Net to provide their customers with exclusive use of carrier-grade bandwidth and high service level agreements.

Until now, performance-guaranteed network capacity has only been possible via fiber or licensed point-to-point (PTP) connections, which are both costly and time-consuming to deploy.

Unlike PTP, that requires two radios for each link, PMP reduces equipment requirements and saves deployment time by connecting multiple end points to a single hub radio.

By utilizing licensed PMP as a last mile solution, 123Net is able to upgrade and deploy new high-speed access twice as fast as traditional technologies.

“123Net serves over 7,000 businesses with communication services and during the past year we have seen insatiable demand for higher bandwidth and performance-guaranteed services,” said Jim Hart, Director of Wireless Operations, 123Net. “We are committed to leading the industry by adopting the most advanced technologies in meeting this demand and bringing outstanding value to our customers.” 

“We’re delighted VectaStar has been selected by 123Net for such a landmark deployment,” said Mark Ashford, Vice President North America, CBNL.

“VectaStar is able to provide 250Mb/s per link, 13.2Gb/s per hub site and up to 50 percent total cost of ownership savings compared to PTP or fiber. This offers a transformational business case for service providers to expand fixed wireless access and is a highly innovative use of the 28GHz LMDS spectrum. The 123Net network marks the exceptionally fast uptake of VectaStar, which is now deployed across nine states.

"We have developed a strong partnership with 123Net and look forward to supporting them as their network grows.”

For the 123Net deployment, CBNL is partnering with Alliance Corporation, a leading distributor of CBNL products and services across the United States and the Americas.

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