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First Communications bring 28GHz fixed wireless to Ohio with CBNL

26 July 2016

First Communications bring 28GHz fixed wireless to Ohio with CBNL

- Carrier network utilizes CBNL’s licensed point-to-multipoint to reduce dependence on leased fiber and become a forerunner in commercializing millimeter wave for future 5G fixed wireless 

CBNL has today announced that First Communications, a leading technology solutions provider for over 35,000 businesses throughout the Midwest, has launched a new fixed wireless network in Ohio utilizing their VectaStar solution.

The network represents the first VectaStar licensed PMP deployment in Ohio, pioneering the use of higher frequency to create a more efficient business case for carrier-grade fixed wireless.

Businesses in Cleveland, Akron and Canton are amongst the first to gain access to services offered by the network, which include bandwidth packages of up to 200Mbps, alongside voice and cloud solutions.

CBNL’s licensed PMP enabled First Communications to reduce their dependence on leased fiber, providing a faster and more cost effective strategy to scale the bandwidth and footprint of their network.

New customers can also be up and running in days, compared to the many weeks it can take to establish a new leased line agreement.

The business case was strengthened by VectaStar’s 13.2Gbps hub site capacity and its benefits over alternative wireless technologies.

For example, licensed PMP avoids the spectrum congestion typical of PMP in lower frequencies and increases return on investment (ROI) compared to licensed point-to-point (PTP).

This was recently backed up by Real Wireless, who reported licensed PMP can enable a carrier to generate 1.8x higher ROI than PTP.

Margi Shaw, President, First Communications, said:

“We’re delighted to announce our partnership with CBNL and launch First Communications’ new fixed wireless network.

"The business case offered by VectaStar has enabled us to reduce our reliance on leased fiber, giving us greater control over our network and the agility to respond more quickly to market demand.

“Crucially, we can now provide more customers with affordable access to higher bandwidth services, which can be up and running in a matter of days.

"Until VectaStar, there simply hasn’t been a viable wireless solution to realize this strategy.

"With the networks growing quickly, we look forward to bringing the benefits to more customers across Ohio in the coming months.”

VP North America, CBNL, said:

“We’re excited to partner with First Communications on this key deployment.

"By bringing together the efficiency of PMP and guaranteed bandwidth of licensed spectrum, we’ve been able to provide a competitive advantage for First Communications and a great service for their customers.

“In addition to the reduction in equipment and simplified field force activity of PMP, VectaStar’s innovative reuse of spectrum enables a significant boost to ROI.

"This combination of high frequency and more efficient technology is vital to improve services for end-users and realize the path to Gbps network speeds.

"With carriers actively trialing 28GHz and 39GHz for future 5G fixed wireless, the First Communications network is a forerunner in the industry.”

The network marks the quick adoption of VectaStar in the US, which has been deployed across nine states in the 28GHz band since launching in late 2014.

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