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CBNL triumphs at the Global Carrier Awards

14 November 2016

- CBNL wins ‘Best data service innovation - mature markets’ at the 12th Global Carrier Awards for its breakthrough point-to-multipoint millimeter wave technology

CBNL, the market leader in licensed point-to-multipoint (PMP) microwave and millimeter wave, has announced it was awarded ‘Best data service innovation - mature markets’ at the 12th Global Carrier Awards.

The award ceremony was held at Maison de la Mutualité in Paris, and saw over 380 industry leaders celebrate the most outstanding achievements from the past year.

CBNL received the award in recognition of its pre-cursor solution for 5G fixed wireless and backhaul, addressing carriers’ need to efficiently scale capacities and deliver wide-scale access to next generation services.

CBNL’s VectaStar millimeter wave solution has created a breakthrough business case that unlocks the capacity of 28 and 39GHz and offers up to 50 percent total cost of ownership savings compared to point-to-point.

This has enabled carriers across the US to deliver improved broadband to over 35,000 homes and businesses over the last 18 months, whilst creating an evolutionary path to 5G fixed wireless and backhaul. 

A record number of over 200 entries were submitted for this year's Global Carrier Awards.

The winners were decided by a panel of over 20 judges, which included leading analysts, industry experts and Capacity's senior editorial team.

Chief Executive Officer at CBNL, commented:

“We’re delighted to win such a highly prestigious award in a category that included competition from some of the industry’s leading companies.

"This award recognizes the transformational business case of our VectaStar millimeter wave solution, which innovatively reuses spectrum to offer an evolutionary path to multi-Gbps capacities and significantly increases network ROI.

“CBNL has already brought these benefits to carriers across the US, helping deploy pre-5G millimeter wave fixed wireless across nine states.

"As more carriers turn to millimeter wave for next generation capacity, CBNL’s unique portfolio and expertise will allow them to maximize the huge potential of these bands and deliver improved connectivity to many thousands more people.”

Paul Collinson, Publisher and Business Group Manager at Capacity Media, added:

"Congratulations to CBNL who were very worthy winners at our 12th Global Carrier Awards.

"As the market rapidly changes to keep up with innovation, it was great to take the time to celebrate the exciting companies, projects and partnerships in today’s dynamic wholesale carrier industry.

"CBNL’s innovative millimeter wave solutions have already brought significant benefits to the carrier industry and are set to play a leading role in the future 5G landscape."

CBNL’s VectaStar solution offers up to 14.4Gbps per hub site. This is supported by VectaStar’s dynamic µ-TDMA which, by intelligently reusing spectrum, can offer 4.4Gbps enterprise grade sellable capacity from just two 50MHz channel pairs, and serve over 1,400 residential subscribers from a single hub.

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