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CBNL launches VectaStar in 28GHz band

07 February 2008

CBNL launches VectaStar in 28GHz band to meet European demand for PMP backhaul solutions.

Cambridge Broadband Networks today announced the commercial availability of its VectaStar intelligent Point-to-Multipoint (PMP) microwave backhaul platform in the licensed 28GHz frequency band.

The VectaStar portfolio now provides mobile network operators with complete flexibility in the design of backhaul solutions to meet the dramatically increasing demand for mobile data services.

The portfolio now covers all major backhaul frequency bands (3.5GHz, 10.5GHz, 26GHz, and now 28GHz) to deliver future proof and highly efficient solutions that can be implemented in established and developing markets around the world.

VectaStar uses Point-to-Multipoint microwave architecture to meet operator’s core backhaul requirements using popular interface protocols and it enables migration to an all-IP Ethernet network.

Deyan Boyich, VP Product Marketing, Cambridge Broadband Networks, explains:

"VectaStar uses a highly efficient and flexible architecture designed to meet the needs of mobile operators today and it is scalable to meet the explosion in demand for high capacity data services.

"With the launch of the 28GHz product we can now deliver solutions across all frequency bands in all markets.

"The 28GHz band is already in use for backhaul in a number of countries including Italy, Portugal, Norway and Belgium.

"In the UK, industry regulator Ofcom recently called for operators to register their interest in securing access to the 28GHz band.

"The significance of the 28GHz band is that it makes it possible to deliver tremendous incremental backhaul capacity using the right technology.

"Operators planning for high capacity HSPA, WiMAX, EV-DO and LTE deployments can use VectaStar in this band to provide more than enough backhaul capacity to support the needs of consumers for capacity hungry data services.

"VectaStar’s efficient use of spectrum is complemented by a unique integrated multi-protocol QoS management layer and optimisation capability.

"Its advanced transmission features and tightly-coupled data optimisation and aggregation enable data optimisation at the edge of the network.

"In support of this, and to ensure maximum data throughput in a sector, all service types are simultaneously statistically multiplexed, which means VectaStar can effectively carry at least four times the data of any competing system in the same over-the-air bandwidth.

"VectaStar’s combination of PMP architecture, advanced multi-frequency transmission capability, and intelligent data optimisation and aggregation make it highly cost-effective for today’s backhaul.

"The consequent reduction in OPEX helps network operators to cope with the downward pressure on operating margins while VectaStar’s scaling and future-proofing enables their backhaul systems to match the explosive and uncertain future growth in data traffic."

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