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CBNL launch VectaStar Network Management System to bring real-time actionable intelligence to backhaul networks

17 November 2008

Cambridge Broadband Networks Limited, the pioneering microwave backhaul vendor today announced the availability of its new network management system.

The VectaStar Network Management System (VNMS) is an evolution of the existing Element Management System (EMS) and provides a graphical environment for operators and service providers to configure, manage and monitor their Cambridge VectaStar network.

Deyan Boyich, VP Product and Services explains:

"VectaStar is now deployed in more than 150 networks in 33 countries worldwide – and growing.

"This represents an ecosystem worth more than $0.25 billion. With this scale, we recognised the need to take VectaStar network management to the next level. Many of our customers are now deploying VectaStar in increasingly complex networks and need to configure and monitor much larger networks in greater detail and in real time.

"The VNMS will enable them to do this and provide them with a wide range of customisable reports, statistics and graphs enabling them to identify trends and better plan their backhaul networks."

CThe VNMS comprises an integrated hardware platform and a suite of software applications.

The provision of hardware and software, in a single unit, greatly enhances the installation and commissioning procedure for the network operator.

Deployed in the network operations centre (NOC), the server can be installed in an industry standard IT equipment rack. Running Linux, with an Ubuntu distribution, the VNMS offers a familiar and practical operating environment for all system users.

Boyich added:

"We believe that VNMS provides the control, simplicity, scalability and intelligence that will be of real value to our customers. Designed to provide network operators with optimum flexibility, VNMS allows operators to drill down to the most granular display of network performance required – or see the big operational picture across the entire network. VNMS provides the information that busy network operators really need, no matter what level of experience."

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