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CBNL and Airtel Kenya win at awards

06 November 2015

CBNL and Airtel Kenya win at awards

- CBNL and Airtel Kenya crowned winners at the 2015 awards for their innovative network to bring next generation mobile and enterprise access to Nairobi

CBNL and Airtel Kenya were this week named joint winners at the 2015 awards which celebrated the outstanding achievements across the sector this year.

200 of the industry’s most innovative global service providers and vendors took part in the awards ceremony, with CBNL and Airtel Kenya’s winning project chosen by a distinguished panel of judges.

The companies received top honours in the ‘Virtualization Excellence’ category, recognising CBNL’s support for Airtel Kenya in providing backhaul and enterprise access services across Nairobi.

Though developing virtualization techniques in their market leading VectaStar® technology, CBNL was able to provide backhaul and enterprise access for Airtel Kenya over a single shared point-to-multipoint network.

By virtualizing different classes of traffic over the same physical infrastructure, Airtel Kenya was able to unlock spare backhaul capacity on the VecatStar network to roll out additional enterprise access.

This highly innovative and cost effective approach facilitated wider coverage of Airtel Kenya’s carrier-grade business broadband, including to previously underserved areas.

By enabling the cost effective deployment of next generation services, CBNL supported Airtel Kenya in growing its customer base and strengthening its position as one of the leading communication providers in the country.

Read the full Airtel Kenya case study here.

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