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Looking forward to Mobile World Congress 2012

21 February 2012

Looking forward to Mobile World Congress 2012
Trawling through the tweets, articles and blogs surrounding Mobile World Congress this year several strong themes seem to be emerging, from the need for improved user Quality of Experience, to small cells and the challenge to deploy LTE networks quickly and cost effectively.

Now, more than ever, backhaul is coming to the fore as a crucially important element of mobile networks and operators are displaying an appetite for low-cost, high-capacity links to solve their backhaul issues.

We will once again be at the event, joining other industry leaders in these discussions.

CBNL is wholly focussed on wireless point to multipoint microwave transmission solutions to meet the access and backhaul needs of mobile operators around the world and we design, develop and supply equipment suitable for a range of needs.

Our VectaStar Gigabit product is a macro cell solution with all of the capacity and features required to backhaul existing mobile network traffic and to transition to an all IP LTE environment when the need arises.

As with many other companies at the event, part of our focus will be on small cells, but more specifically on the backhaul complexities these present to the network.

Our small cell backhaul solutions, which are currently in development, will deliver the same carrier class reliability but have been redesigned for rapid rollout of small cells at street level.

Come and have a chat with the CBNL team at Mobile World Congress 2012 to learn more about why we think we have major contributions to make to any operator’s long-term access and backhaul strategy.

Why not email us at to book a meeting?

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