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Multipoint backhaul setting the agenda

05 October 2012

Multipoint backhaul setting the agenda
I recently represented Cambridge Broadband Networks at the second edition of the excellent Packet Microwave and Backhaul Forum.

This annual event brings together operators, analysts and vendors to discuss the latest developments in next generation wireless backhaul.

This year there was particular interest in backhaul solutions for small cell networks, with a range of very informative presentations (you can view mine 'Small cells in the big city' here).

What I found very noticeable was the increased visibility of multipoint solutions, both in the exhibition hall and on the stage.

In 2011 Cambridge Broadband Networks was the only multipoint microwave vendor present, but for 2012 we were joined by three other companies with high-capacity multipoint backhaul solutions.

We believe that the proven advantages of multipoint in terms of TCO and efficiency are compelling for all forms of mobile broadband backhaul, but most especially for small cell backhaul. 

Packet Microwave Forum lead operator Everything Everywhere state that a complete small cell site (civil works, RAN and backhaul) needs to be delivered for 10% of the cost of a macro 3G site

Multipoint delivers the necessary saving in backhaul costs through deployment of fewer radios, much simpler installation and lower ongoing OPEX.

It’s no surprise that it is becoming the go-to solution where highly cost effective, high capacity backhaul is needed.

Great to see that other innovators in backhaul are now turning to multipoint to address the significant challenges for next generation networks. 

I look forward to even more growth in the sector for 2013!

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