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CBNL wins Best in Show at the Fierce Innovation Awards

28 November 2016

CBNL wins Best in Show at the Fierce Innovation Awards

- CBNL secures fourth major award of the year for its breakthrough point-to-multipoint millimeter wave technology that offers a pre-cursor to 5G fixed wireless and backhaul

CBNL has today announced it received top honors at the 2016 Fierce Innovation Awards – winning both the ‘Backhaul’ category and being named Best in Show for ‘Best Cost Center Innovation’.

CBNL received the awards in recognition of its breakthrough VectaStar PMP millimeter wave platform, which addresses carriers’ need to efficiently scale capacity and provides an evolutionary path to 5G fixed wireless and backhaul.

With an exclusive panel of judges from Verizon, TeliaSonera, Comcast, Sprint, and T-Mobile, the awards celebrated the year’s most groundbreaking broadband voice, video and data solutions.

CBNL received special praise from the judges for leveraging spectrum to drive early adoption of 5G fixed wireless, whilst making cost savings and improved user experience at scale a real possibility.

By doubling the capacity of VectaStar and developing a highly efficient spectrum re-use technique, CBNL has created vastly more attractive business case to unlock the capacity of 28 and 39GHz – spectrum that is available at wide-channels across the US.

VectaStar offers 14.4Gbps per hub site and total cost of ownership savings of up to 50 percent compared to point-to-point.

This is supported by VectaStar’s dynamic µ-TDMA which, by intelligently re-using spectrum, can offer 4.4Gbps enterprise grade sellable capacity from just two 50MHz channel pairs, and serve over 1,400 residential subscribers from a single hub.

CBNL's CEO said:

“To be singled out as ‘Best in Class’ at the Fierce Innovation Awards is a major accolade for CBNL and validates the ground breaking business case offered by VectaStar.

“With unlicensed spectrum congested, and common-carrier frequencies increasingly hard to acquire, millimeter wave is now a vital component of carriers’ network strategies.

“VectaStar’s ability to combine its highly efficient technology with millimeter wave spectrum offers carriers a unique and evolutionary path to multi-gigabit capacities.

“Since launching in the US, VectaStar has already helped carriers deliver improved broadband to over 35,000 homes and businesses.

“With the FCC and major carriers now adopting millimeter wave 5G strategies, VectaStar is set to accelerate improved connectivity to many thousands more people.”

Success at the Fierce Innovation Awards builds on a record breaking year for CBNL who also won the Competitive Carriers Association’s prestigious ‘Innovation Award’ and ‘Best data service innovation – mature markets’ at the Global Carrier Awards.

As the market leader in PMP microwave and millimeter wave, CBNL serves customers in 47 countries for fixed wireless, backhaul and smart city connectivity, including seven of the world’s top ten largest mobile operators.

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