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CBNL unlocks 31GHz with new PMP millimeter wave solution

29 March 2017

CBNL unlocks 31GHz with new PMP millimeter wave solution

- CBNL launches new 31GHz VectaStar PMP solution, broadening its portfolio across the 28-39GHz bands to accelerate the arrival of 5G

Cambridge Broadband Networks (CBNL), the market leader in licensed point-to-multipoint (PMP) microwave and millimeter wave, has today launched a 31GHz variant of its VectaStar solution, broadening the company’s coverage of licensed high-band frequencies to accelerate 5G backhaul and fixed wireless.

The VectaStar 31GHz solution drives significant innovation into a previously under-utilized band in the US, providing carriers with a unique business case to unlock the vast bandwidth of millimeter wave and deliver next generation services across the country.

In launching the new 31GHz solution, CBNL strengthens its leadership position as the first company to commercialize PMP technology across the licensed 28-39GHz bands, which has already delivered superfast pre-5G broadband to over 35,000 homes and businesses in the US.

By deploying VectaStar as a last-mile solution, carriers can deliver up to 1.2Gbps to a site and benefit from a ground-breaking business case that includes fast time to market and total cost of ownership savings of up to 50 percent compared to point-to-point.

This is supported by VectaStar’s high levels of spectrum reuse, which enable carriers to increase the customers they can serve from the spectrum, driving unparalleled network efficiency and return on investment.

Chief Executive Officer at CBNL, commented:

“CBNL is excited to launch its 31GHz solution, driving further innovation into millimeter wave and delivering a transformational path to 5G backhaul and fixed wireless to the enterprise and home.

“With the 31GHz band naturally paired for symmetrical services, CBNL offers carriers a turnkey fixed wireless solution that supports a range of business critical activities, such as campus connectivity, high capacity broadband and cloud services.

“By expanding CBNL’s solution portfolio across the 5G spectrum bands, we expect to see market adoption of VectaStar continue to grow quickly in the US, increasing high bandwidth connectivity for thousands more homes and businesses.

"With networks in over 50 countries, including for seven of the world’s top ten largest mobile operators, we look forward to supporting more customers with our leading expertise and technology, helping deliver the next generation of connectivity.”


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