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MAXnet Wireless Broadband deploys CBNL’s millimetre wave fixed wireless access to support Sudanese businesses

19 February 2019

CBNL has signed an agreement with MAXnet, the leading wireless internet service provider (WISP) in Sudan, to provide carrier-class mmWave connectivity for the WISP. This will enable MAXnet to underpin its corporate and business Internet access services with carrier-grade service levels backed up with performance guarantees.

CBNL is working with MAXnet to provide reliable, high-performance, ubiquitous connectivity capable of delivering high throughput, highly stable services with network slicing and the ability to offer performance guarantees on a per service basis. To achieve this, CBNL is delivering a 28GHz FWA network using its quick, and cost-effective, to deploy VectaStar platform, which will enhance MAXnet’s existing network and provide business-class internet services.

MAXnet’s network footprint in Khartoum, the capital city of Sudan, covers the three major cities within the capital: Khartoum, Omdurman, and Khartoum North, an area home to more than one third of the population of Sudan. By leveraging the benefits of FWA with CBNL, MAXnet will add another layer of coverage to the network with more capacity and interference free frequency bands.

The network deployment means MAXnet will be able to provide even deeper support to the growing business community in these cities by providing them with higher capacity, carrier-grade enterprise connectivity. This new layer of connectivity will be ideal for organisations, such as government entities and e-services, financial institutes and universities, where secure and highly reliable connectivity is key. The extended network from CBNL will also be the perfect foundation for creating dedicated VPNs and for supporting a range of business-critical applications delivered over the internet.

Mohamed Ahmad Idris Abdulmagid, Planning Manager, MAXnet, said: “Following an impressive PoC, CBNL showed us it has the best knowledge and quality of service to quickly and cost-effectively deliver a significant upgrade to our existing network. This enterprise class network is hugely important to this region. It will scale with us to become a highly-reliable source of connectivity for businesses, educational institutions and public services now and in the future.”

As part of the deal, MAXnet is also using CBNL’s VectaStar Network Management System (VNMS) to remotely manage equipment and services across the entire network. CBNL is also providing design support, network planning and training.

CBNL's Account Director (Middle East & North Africa) said: “Fibre deployments are not yet ubiquitous in Sudan, so wireless technology is the key to developing the country’s communications infrastructure moving forward. Point-to-multipoint technology using mmWave spectrum is the most CAPEX- and OPEX-effective way to deploy a highly reliable network in Sudan, and we look forward to enabling MAXnet to deliver this enhanced PMP network for its customers.”

CBNL’s PMP networks and turnkey services today support 25 customers across 17 countries in Africa, and act as key infrastructure for the region’s leading operators.

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