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CBNL offers free network modelling and planning service

31 October 2019

CBNL is currently offering a free network modelling, optimisation and dimensioning service to customers in Africa, which includes designs for enterprise, residential and smart city deployments.

The Lifecycle Modelling Tool (LCT) is a bespoke system designed to provide a single method for planning, describing, documenting and auditing networks operated using CBNL’s VectaStar® network. The aim of the tool is to encompass all of CBNL’s network design expertise into user-friendly software to make it as simple as possible to plan, design, audit and optimise networks.

The LCT combines predicted coverage range with actual data consumption from the VectaStar Network Management System (VNMS) and produce heat maps showing the geographic distribution of remaining capacity. This allows underperforming sites to be quickly identified and flagged for remedial work.

Key features of the tool include automating the RF process, generating network roll-out documentation and streamlining network audits, using an interface that combines Microsoft Excel and Google Earth.

Paul Wright, VP Customer Solutions & Services, said: “We are delighted to offer this innovative service to customers free of charge. Several CBNL customers have been able to significantly optimise their networks using this tool, including one that doubled the capacity available on its 10.5GHz, fixed wireless access enterprise network in the region. With the LCT, we are able to build a digital model of the entire network and calculate the exact frequencies needed to put every sector of the network on the most optimal frequency according to its usage demands. This ultimately leads to more reliable networks and future-proof designs.”

The offer of the free network optimisation service is available for a limited period only, until late January 2020.

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