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Cambridge Broadband Networks Group and FirstComm deliver upgraded urban connectivity to Ohio businesses

06 July 2022

Ohio, USA, 5 July 2022 – Cambridge Broadband Networks Group (CBNG)’s world-renowned VectaStar Flex A2/A3 variant solution has been deployed by FirstComm (First Communications Inc.), as part of its strategy to rollout improved connectivity using licensed spectrum to six metropolitan areas in the state of Ohio, USA.

The A2/A3 licensed spectrum has seen a huge surge of interest due to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) making regulatory changes to the 28GHz spectrum bands. This Point-to-Multipoint (PtMP) solution from CBNG has allowed FirstComm to successfully switch its enterprise customers from the current A1 spectrum to the A2/A3 spectrum, which will provide high-quality connectivity without any downtime.

Jason Beadnell, Manager of Product at FirstComm, said: “Prior to 2021 we had already used the A1 variant of the VectaStar Flex solution so migrating to the A2/A3 variant of VectaStar from CBNG was a very natural progression for us. CBNG’s global presence and research and development program is unmatched, and their understanding of the unique characteristics of the Local Multipoint Distribution Service PtMP spectrum is second to none. It is the only PtMP provider in the market that is cost competitive and with their support, we can switch our customers seamlessly while continuing our mission of providing carrier class cost-effective networks with high reliability.”

The A1 spectrum previously used by FirstComm was re-classified by the FCC for flexible usage through the Upper Microwave Flexible Use Service (UMFUS) 5G proceeding and has now been earmarked for mobile 5G. To ensure that customers can be seamlessly moved to a new spectrum band, it is essential that communications equipment can work effectively and deliver the level of service that is required. FirstComm has now completed the first phase of deploying the high-quality fixed wireless access network equipment from CBNG.

Charles Loverso, VP of Sales and Business Development (North America) at CBNG, said: “We have a highly successful relationship with FirstComm and are excited to continue our journey with the team. By deploying the A2/A3 variant of the VectaStar Flex solution, FirstComm is well-placed to meet the evolving challenges of delivering carrier class capacity using licensed PtMP and operate in bands that have previously been largely underutilized.”

As operators in North America now look to utilize the A2/A3 spectrum, reliable, accessible and scalable technology is needed to achieve the best possible results and meet the connectivity needs of customers. CBNG’s VectaStar networks have now been deployed by service providers in over 50 countries worldwide for enterprise access, mobile backhaul, small cell backhaul and ISP networks, with CBNG’s customers including seven of the world’s top 10 mobile operators.

To find out more about the VectaStar Flex solution and how it can help communications service providers utilise the A2/A3 spectrum, visit the CBNG website.

About Cambridge Broadband Networks Group

Since its inception in the year 2000, Cambridge Broadband Networks has revolutionised the use of microwave and millimetre wave spectrum to deliver high-speed, point-to-multipoint networks in the wide area. The company’s proprietary and ground-breaking technologies made it possible to move beyond simple point-to-point links in the high frequency bands. The arrival of point-to-multipoint in these bands transformed the business case and made it financially viable for services providers to deploy solutions. CBNG went through a restructuring process earlier in 2020 and is now re-emerging as CBNG; a new company started from a management buyout taking forward the original CBNL brand, IP, customer base and products.


About FirstComm 

Founded in 1998, FirstComm is a leading technology solutions provider offering cloud communications, data, voice, security, and managed services with unparalleled customer service to over 35,000 businesses across the United States, from high-end cloud communications (UCaaS) to software-defined networking (SD-WAN) and security. 

Headquartered in Akron, Ohio, with a 24x7x365 Network Management Center in Chicago, FirstComm is dedicated to pairing effective customer communications with next-generation technology. FirstComm creates solutions to align with its customers' business objectives with built-in scalability to accommodate future needs. Moreover, FirstComm bridges technology with world-class customer service through its operational expertise and a strong focus on the customer experience.


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