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Cambridge Broadband Networks Group launches new A2/A3 VectaStar Flex variant to support the growing use of the spectrum band in North America

16 November 2020

London, 16 November 2020 – With operators in North America beginning to clearly see the value of LMDS 28GHz A2/A3 licenses, Cambridge Broadband Networks Group (CBNG) has today launched an A2/A3 variant of its VectaStar Flex solution to unlock the potential of high capacity, low latency, long range Backhaul and Fixed Wireless Access (FWA).

The new VectaStar 600 Flex A2/A3 variant will allow the current 39 license holders in the US to operate in a band that, up until now, has been under-utilized. The availability of the new variant brings two-fold benefits to license owners.

“Firstly VectaStar 600 Flex A2/A3 will enable all those license owners to monetize their spectrum investments by deploying extremely reliable, high capacity commercial FWA network services,” said James Childs, Vice President of North America Strategy and Sales at CBNG. “Secondly, this will also establish both substantial and continuous service to meet the strict regulatory license retention requirements, further assuring the value of the licenses owned.”

Guaranteeing rapid deployment with speeds of up to 530Mbps (50MHz channel) and 640Mbps (60MHz channel) with 99.99% availability at a range of 4 miles, the VectaStar 600 Flex A2/A3 variant is ideal for the rollout of FWA enterprise networks, residential coverage expansions, cell on wheels services as well as acting as a very cost effective, high capacity backup for existing network infrastructure in areas prone to unpredictable disruption. Providing high scalability and an extremely robust solution, this product ensures a significant reduction in the total cost of ownership compared to other solutions.

This latest addition to the VectaStar product range complements CBNG’s pre-existing VectaStar 31GHz product, broadening the company’s coverage across the U.S. licensed bands. The VectaStar platform is the most widely deployed and referenced licensed point-to-multipoint solution in the world with more than 150 customers currently using it in over 50 countries.

When the VectaStar Flex radio is combined with CBNG’s highly intuitive planning and optimisation tools, the activity of planning, designing and operating networks becomes a much easier task. This approach to total network integration is what makes VectaStar a highly compelling solution.

“Being the only A2/A3 point-to-multipoint product commercially available, this new variant arrives at a crucial time for telecommunications operators and Wireless Internet Service Providers,” added Childs. “We are expecting a surge of interest in the use of A2/A3 spectrum and we believe that there is a great opportunity here. Our latest product gives operators an affordable way to provide high-quality connectivity through flexible infrastructure that can handle the traffic of today and beyond as networks continue to expand.”

As the arrival of 5G beckons, operators are making greater use of the spectrum with many considering the A2/A3 licensed market as a new way forward to roll out cost-effective networks with high bandwidths. VectaStar Flex gives operators an innovative solution which will be efficient at meeting their needs. For more information visit the CBNG website here.

About Cambridge Broadband Networks Group

Since its inception in the year 2000, Cambridge Broadband Networks has revolutionised the use of microwave and millimetre wave spectrum to deliver high-speed, point-to-multipoint networks in the wide area. The company’s proprietary and ground-breaking technologies made it possible to move beyond simple point-to-point links in the high frequency bands. The arrival of point-to-multipoint in these bands transformed the business case and made it financially viable for services providers to deploy solutions. CBN went through a restructuring process earlier in 2020 and is now re-emerging as CBNG; a new company started from a management buyout taking forward the original CBNL brand, IP, customer base and products.

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