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CBNL expand and consolidate production facilities

03 September 2008

Cambridge Broadband Networks Limited today announced that it is expanding its production and fulfilment capacity and consolidating those operations in China.

Dramatically increasing demand for Cambridge Broadband Network’s ‘VectaStar’ solutions, driven by accelerating growth in mobile data services, has led to a requirement for additional manufacturing capacity.

The new centralised facilities will enable the company to meet that worldwide demand.

"Business is booming for VectaStar with individual orders typically exceeding $1Million"

said Graham Peel, CEO of Cambridge Broadband Networks Limited.

"Our revenues have more than doubled in 2008 compared to last year and we are always looking for ways to improve our competitiveness and meet the increasing needs of our customers. Making the transition to high-volume manufacture and fulfilment in China ensures that we will be able to deliver VectaStar faster and in ever increasing volume.

"We are now producing in a single month what we once produced in a full year and demand is accelerating. Expanding the Chinese facilities gives us the opportunity to meet that demand and to benefit from the economies of scale required to maximise our opportunity in what is a global market."

added Peel.

"We have developed and delivered a leading backhaul technology thanks to the high-technology skill-set present in the Cambridge region and we continue to invest in our Cambridge HQ, but we cannot efficiently manufacture the high-volumes needed in the UK. Cambridge Broadband Networks’ strength is in its intellectual property and development expertise and we can now fully exploit those qualities by focusing on the development of our next generation of backhaul products."

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