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CBNL announces Network Design Service Group

19 January 2010

CBNL has announced the availability of a new suite of Network Design and Support Services to complement its industry leading range of VectaStar Point-to-Multipoint (PMP) Microwave backhaul products

A new division of the company set up to deliver these services, the Network Design Service Group, will provide customers with full access to CBNL’s unrivalled expertise in end-to-end service-based solutions for complete Hybrid or all-IP backhaul network design, planning, project management and installation.

The Group will deliver consultancy, training and direct hands on involvement to enable network operators to quickly design and deploy PMP microwave backhaul networks, optimised for build and operational efficiency.

Mobile operators are increasingly facing challenges posed by the rapid growth of mobile data traffic on backhaul networks.

While PMP microwave backhaul can make meeting these challenges more affordable in terms of CAPEX and OPEX, accurate planning is required to get the most out of the hardware and available spectrum.

CBNL’s Services Group is tasked to enable operators to achieve this.

One key feature of the new suite of services is the availability of advanced VectaStar-specific RF planning simulation software.

Unlike generic network planning tools or those designed for legacy point-to-point networks, CBNL’s network modelling solution is capable of accurately predicting variables including RF propagation, link budgets, and capacity requirements.

With the use of such tools, operators can reduce time and cost to network design and deployment and ensure that designs are optimum.

CBNL’s Services Group draws on extensive experience in PMP microwave product and network design.

Since 2001 CBNL has been supplying and advising operators including Maxis, MTN Group, Vodacom, Gateway, NASK, Mac Telecom and Wana on the deployment of its 10.5, 26, and 28GHz VectaStar variants.

With the introduction of its Services Group, CBNL expands and formalises the service-based side to its business.

Graham Peel, Cambridge Broadband Networks CEO said

"Cambridge Broadband Networks has considerable experience in piecing together fully integrated mobile backhaul and enterprise access solutions. This extends to organising resources and supporting deployment using established local expertise complemented by our network of service centres. With the launch of our Network Design and Support Services including our RF modelling software, we aim to provide existing and new customers with the ability to make the very best of our VectaStar products, realising the significant cost and performance benefits the technology enables.

Graham continued:

"The market for network planning software is sizable and growing rapidly, currently estimated to be worth around USD180m. Cambridge Broadband Networks’ entry into this market represents a fantastic growth opportunity for the business and adds significantly to the value we deliver to our customers."

Services within CBNL Services Group portfolio include Point-to-Multipoint network design and integration consultancy, Point-to-Multipoint RF Planning Service, Network Management System Integration Services, comprehensive training on site or at CBNL Global Training Centres, and a range of extended hardware and software warranties with 3rd line technical support options.

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