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GDS doubles size of VectaStar network to meet high demand for enterprise access services

03 September 2013

GDS doubles size of VectaStar network to meet high demand for enterprise access services

- CBNL wins contract with GDS to expand coverage of their high speed VectaStar enterprise network to 500 customer sites in Lebanon

CBNL has today announced an agreement with GlobalCom Data Services (GDS) to double the size of their VectaStar network to serve the growing demand for high speed corporate network services.

GDS, Lebanon’s largest private data carrier operator, initially deployed CBNL’s VectaStar equipment in 2008 to provide enterprise customers with high capacity Ethernet LAN connections and fast internet access services.

The latest installations will be deployed to meet the growing demand on GDS’s corporate network services and will see their VectaStar network coverage expand to serve 500 customer sites across Beirut and other regions in Lebanon. VectaStar will continue to operate in the 26Ghz frequency band.

“Our network continues to grow quickly and as Lebanon’s leading data carrier operator we are committed to meet our customers’ needs with maximum speed and with the very highest quality of service.”

said Dr Habib Torbey, President of GDS

“The scalability and ease of deployment of VectaStar enables us to respond rapidly to our customer demands and quickly roll out high capacity corporate network services. This, coupled with the total cost of ownership benefits of deploying VectaStar, gives us great confidence in providing outstanding quality of service to our customers today, and having the ability to efficiently meet future demands.”

By creating a sector of multipoint coverage, VectaStar is able to backhaul multiple customer sites from a single hub site.

VectaStar's flexible quality of service (QOS) capabilities allows operators to define tiered service offerings (including dedicated bandwidth to selected customer sites) and reliably provide those to customers within the coverage area.

VectaStar’s sector coverage provides the flexibility to add new sites quickly without a visit to the hub site or the need of additional spectrum. This allows for rapid expansion at minimal total cost of ownership and with no disruption to service or revenues.

Kamel Kaddoumi, VP Sales MENA, CBNL, said:

“Since our initial deployment in 2008, we have built a strong and successful partnership with GDS. GDS are one of Lebanon’s most innovative communication leaders and we are delighted that VectaStar has again been selected as a key network element of their advanced wireless data services.

"This latest agreement validates VectaStar as an efficient and high capacity solution for modern day data networks which has the flexibility to quickly scale to meet current and future needs.”

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