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CBNL partners with Alliance Corporation to widen availability of carrier-grade wireless solutions

12 May 2015

CBNL partners with Alliance Corporation to widen availability of carrier-grade wireless solutions

- Alliance Corporation to offer customers CBNL’s VectaStar platform, widening distribution of carrier-grade PMP wireless networks throughout the US and Americas

CBNL has today announced  a value-added distributor (VAD) agreement with Alliance Corporation, a leading distributor of wireless infrastructure products.

Alliance Corporation is the latest distributor to offer its customers CBNL’s VectaStar® PMP microwave platform, meeting the high demand for carrier-grade wireless connectivity across the US and Americas.

The agreement increases availability of VectaStar and marks the hugely positive uptake of the FCC variant that has already been deployed across multiple states in the US.

Through deploying VectaStar, Alliance is now able to offer its customers a highly cost-effective route to transform hub capacity up to 14.4Gb/s, generating new revenues for backhaul and enterprise access applications.

With total cost of ownership savings of up to 50 percent compared to fiber and point-to-point, VectaStar offers carrier-grade performance associated with licensed spectrum whilst delivering a revolutionary business case and extremely fast time to market associated with PMP architecture.

By utilizing licensed spectrum, VectaStar is able to offer guaranteed carrier-grade services and the ability to scale networks as demand grows.

VectaStar can also be provided alongside LMDS 28GHz spectrum in the US.

This streamlined process supports operators with a quick time to market, made possible through CBNL’s close collaboration with the leading spectrum holders in the US. 

Ron Moss, Vice President, Sales, Alliance Corporation, said,

“We are thrilled to partner with CBNL. Providing distribution and services for CBNL’s VectaStar platform offers an excellent addition to our product portfolio and provides our customers with truly transformational business opportunities. We pride ourselves on being a trusted supplier and innovative leader and look forward to combining our high level of excellence in production, logistics and innovation with CBNL’s market leading solutions.”

VP North America at CBNL said,

“We are delighted to partner with Alliance, who have a long-standing reputation for providing their customers with the highest possible customer service and technical support. This latest agreement means we can provide more operators across the US with a highly-profitable business case for network expansion, combining CBNL’s market-leading technology and Alliance’s field proven excellence in distribution and services.

"The new agreement follows the launch of the latest 600Mb/s FCC VectaStar variant and will play a fundamental role in supporting operators to cost-effectivity increase capacity and generate new revenues - whether for backhaul, small cell backhaul or enterprise access networks.”

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